Holland's Theory

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Multicultural Career Counseling Grand Canyon University: PCN-525 August 30, 2013 Cyril Worm Introduction This research paper will summarize “Holland’s Theory of Vocational Choice”; followed by a practical application of the theory to this Author’s life. Other than the textbook for this class; one other resource cited in the reference section was used to make the following concise summation of Holland’s Theory. Holland’s Theory of Vocational Choice Holland’s Theory can be summarized as follows: In western culture what are referred to in this theory as, “Holland’s Codes”, make up one of six personality types (Career Key Organization, 1997) (see details and specifics in section two). Workers in any given…show more content…
The rest of my job history follows this model and is very close to Holland’s Theory. If you want, look at my profile for this class and note my previous vocations. Conclusion It is interesting to note that Holland’s Model state that counseling as a career is not the right environment for my personality which in certain ways is true. I see counseling as something that should be more objective and scientifically based on empirical practices. I think it is trending that way as Counselors move into more professional roles. Social work I think is closer to the old form of Counseling but this is merely an observation when discussing theoretical applications of this paper. (This being one of my last classes of the program here at GCU, I sense that other students and Professors tend to agree?) When applying Holland’s theories, as far as satisfaction goes with my
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