Holling Hoodhood Character Analysis

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Holling Hoodhood was a kid who grew up in Long Island in the late sixties. He always thought that Mrs.Baker hated him he never understood why. Mrs.Baker is Holling’s seventh grade math teacher, at first Holling and Mrs.Baker didn't get along very well, in fact Hollings was very convinced that Mrs.Baker "hates his guts". Holling’s sister name is Heather Hoodhood, she wants to be a flower child who loves the Monkees and cares for all the animals and plants. Heather can’t be a flower child because her dad, Mr.Hoodhood considered it stupid. Meryl Lee Kowalski isn't as big as the other characters but she is a big part of Holling's life. Throughout the book their relationship grows much more stronger when they find out that they both love Shakespeare. Danny Hupfer and Doug Swieteck show how much they care about their friend Holling and they always stick together through hard times. Furthermore, they always manage to get themselves into sticky situations many times, because of their own mischievous actions. Eventually they always get themselves out of the situation with each other's help. Holling's mother doesn’t have a big role compared to Holling's father, but she still plays an important role. Mrs. Hoodhood is a woman who loves everyone in her family she secretly smokes and seems to be typical housewife of the 1960's. Doug Swieteck brother is the classic misunderstood villain of the story. During the course of Holling's seventh grade year D.S.B makes Holling's

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