Hollow Men Analysis

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The Real Life (A Discussion on Three Messages in T.S. Eliot’s Hollow Men) T.S Eliot was the most famous English poet of his time, and he was one of the most influential poet. His distinctive style of writing took the attention of not only other poets, but many people all over the world. “Thomas Stearns Eliot is best known as a poet and literary critic (he received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1948), but his work in social and cultural theory has also been widely influential”(Edwards). T.S. Eliot's style of writing was mostly a pessimistic view on life. One of the best examples of his pessimistic view on life comes from his work The Hollow Men. The Hollow Men is a short part of the title The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot. The Hollow…show more content…
The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot expresses the message of modern life doesn't appreciate faith. T.S. Eliot came to the conclusion that people of the modern generation have lost their faith that people once had. “Eliot was nothing if not a seeker: seeking to reconcile the culture he saw with what he hoped it to be; seeking to reconcile an inner despair with a parallel want of faith”(Dobrinska). In The Hollow Men Eliot describes how people don't put religion above all things important anymore. He explains we shifted to craving liberation not religion. At the end of the poem, eliot tries to recite God's words but is unable because the modern world no longer knows them. “For thine is, life is, for thine is the”(91). Eliot ends the poem with these words to really hit hard the point that religion is falling apart, and the modern world no longer believes in the idea. T.S. Eliot's last message in his literary work The Hollow Men is that the modern world lack integrity. Eliot explains that the modern world is afraid to meet our ancestors in the other side. “Let me also wear such deliberate disguises”(32). The modern world is embarrassed about the lives we live. The modern era hides their face from the ancestors because our lives are not as valuable as their lives once were. The modern era doesn't accomplish as much importance as the times before. “ It contains the poet's reflection on the 'subject of human nature in this world, and
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