Holly James Accomplishments

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Miss James comes and lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona. She visited several states in the United States. Most notably Texas, Illinois, and Hawaii, due to having family there. Also, James went to California. She possess many interests and hobbies in her life. She plays Tennis, Flute, and says that she enjoys marching. In the year 2016, Holly James accomplished to be a member of Buena High School’s Marching Colts. To add on her greatest achievements follow, such as getting 100s on top 100s in her favorite subject Geometry. Always in school, she always relieves straight A’s on her report cards. Her experience of playing the flute began in the days of 6th grade year, then she transitioned into Coyote Band in 7th. However her “Flute” journey did not or may never stop. In 8th grade, she became the flute player in the 2015-2016 Joyce Clark Middle School Symphonic Band.…show more content…
Damon, her third period. Whenever she does not do the painful homework, she finds peace and serenity in reading.
In her family, Holly James lives as the youngest member, with her eldest brother at the age of 20, and a high school junior sister. Her future ambitions, she desires the want to complete high school, then carry on to some college or university. At the beginning, James wanted to be a Sign Language Interpreter, however since changed her mind on what she wants to be and do. Still, she wants to learn Sign Language. Also she lives knowing about having two pets, her hedgehog, and dog. This straight A streak, she wants to continue throughout her college or university career. Holly James, a freshman at Buena High School, possess smarts and talent which will benefit her
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