Hollywood's Life Saver Essay

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Hollywood's Life Saver

For years Hollywood has been the land of stars and cinema; a place where dreams are made, and all of life seems perfect. However, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood has often masked some of Hollywood's biggest stars' alcoholism and drug problems. The string of never ending parties, and the increasing amount of drugs that are being used on club circuits, frequented by many of Hollywood's elite, became all too familiar for two of Hollywood's young rising stars, Drew Barrymore and the late River Phoenix.

Drew Barrymore began drinking at the age of nine, and by the age of thirteen, was in the ASAP Family Treatment Center with an alcohol and cocaine addiction, which she eventually overcame.

River Phoenix wasn't
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Intervention is a process that helps the chemically dependent person and family to receive the help they need. (ASAP Family Treatment Center)

There are a variety of types of treatment facilities in the United States for chemical dependents. However, there are two main categories of programs offered at these facilities. There are the in-patient programs, and there are the out-patient programs. Drew Barrymore was enrolled in ASAP's in-patient program. ASAP describes the type of in-patient program they offer like this:

ASAP offers in-patient treatment for chemically dependent adolescents and adults, which emphasize treatment of the entire family. Our In-patient program provides a secure drug free environment which includes family, group, and individual therapy as well as peer counseling and integration into 12 step self help programs. (ASAP Family Treatment Center)

In the in-patient programs patients live in a facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They go to counseling sessions every day, some are individual sessions, some are group sessions, some are family sessions, and some are multi-family sessions. The person's life is very controlled. This control helps give stability to a person's life, a stability that was most probably lacking before they came into the clinic.

Laurie Kerns is the program coordinator at the 7-12 House, a rehabilitation clinic in Ames, Iowa, for

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