Essay about Hollywood's Take on the Civil War

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The film, Gone with the Wind became a cultural phenomenon after its release in 1939. The Civil War based film follows the storyline of Scarlett O’Hara. The lead heroine is dealt with the hardships of love as well as the destruction of her town. Set in the South, the movie stresses
the community’s devotion to the confederacy. After its box office success, many historians believed that the film had a strong influence on America’s perception of the Civil War. That influence being a backing attitude towards the Lost Cause. The term Lost Cause refers to the white southerners admirable view towards the defeated confederacy. In Gone with the Wind, this idea was expressed in several scenes. For example, one of the leading characters, Rhett Butler, joined the confederate army after he witnessed the fall of Atlanta. Aware of the army’s inevitable defeat, he still enlisted to prove his support towards his native soil. However, the classic used the south’s dedication in fighting for their homeland as a backdrop to the plot. The prime angle of the film alluded to the romanticism of O’Hara’s character. With little mention of the war, the plot mainly dealt with her hardships in love. Most of the scenes were comprised with theatrical background music and extravagant acting. Rather than categorizing Gone with The Wind as a civil war film, it is evident that the motion picture belongs in the drama/ romance genre. Predominantly, Gone with the Wind focuses on the life of a southern female…

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