Holmes Dining Leadership Essay

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Prior to 2015, Holmes Dining was a buffet that customers paid one price, and had a range of food choices that they could choose from. Food Services Director Dan Layman decided to discuss with managers and supervisors on future changes that would happen at Holmes Dining. For the start of the school year in 2015, Holmes now offers all day breakfast, salad bar, potato bar, Pan Asia, comfort food, and gluten-dietary options. Because of these changes students and supervisors had to adjust the way they served. In regards to change Doug Stewart writes, “regardless of the nature of change, employees are going to have questions, fears, rationalizations, and personal opinions”, which was seen on employers, supervisors, and visitors faces (Stewart 62). Having the same options of food type student employees become more familiar with what they serve, which causes these changes to become common.…show more content…
With this in mind, “Any organization should be aware that strong leadership accompanied by a poor management is not good and sometimes it can be even worse than the reverse” (Cretu 527). While field observation has been completed the knowledge of communication, people skills, time management, and decision-making were analyzed. As a reader, the use of leadership skills can be used in future employment or enjoying a meal with Holmes Dining staff knowing about the four leadership skills. This research also includes the result of field observations, a discussion that brings background information into the understanding of the four leadership skills, and lastly recommendations that could help improve student employees and supervisors leadership skills. The following section is Methodology which includes gathering sources and obtaining empirical
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