Holocaust: A Result of Racism

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Holocaust: A Result of Racism The Holocaust is a part of history that always brings sadness to many and unanswered questions. The word “holocaust” is from Greek origin and it means “sacrifice by fire.” The Holocaust was the persecution and murder of about six million Jews including around 1.5 million Jewish children by the Nazi regime between the years 1933 – 1945. Racism played a vital role and was the main reason for the slaughtering of millions of Jews during this time in history. Jews were not the only victims of this persecution. Disabled people, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other groups considered to be “racially inferior” were also targeted by the Nazi regime. Adolph Hitler joined the Nazi Party, short for The National Socialist German Worker’s Party, in 1919 after Germany lost the World War I in 1918. According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust, Hitler “encourage national pride, militarism and a commitment to a racially pure Germany” (“Rise of the Nazi Party”). In 1933 Hitler was appointed as the Chancellor of Germany. Immediately after that, his party began to create laws against German Jews not allowing them to run their own businesses, excluding them from public life, taking away their citizenship and prohibiting them to marry or have extramarital sex between Germans and Jews. Ghettos were camps or transition areas created by the Germans to monitor and place the Jewish Burruezo 2 population and be able to deport them to death camps
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