Holocaust : A Wave Of Mass Murder Swept Across Europe

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Beginning in March 1942, a wave of mass murder swept across Europe. During the next 11 months of 9 million Jews who lived in Europe before the Holocaust, an estimated ⅔ was murdered. An estimated 1 million children endured the Holocaust and only 5,000 survived. Children were targeted especially during the holocaust because they could grow up and be a new generation of the Jews. Although not many survived, the ones that did had an incredible story to be told, of how the Holocaust affected and changed their lives. Holocaust Survivor Jeannine Burk was shaped and changed by having to play Hide-and-seek throughout her entire life from the Nazis and suffering as also a lot of pain through Hitler’s domination. World war II was enough as it is…show more content…
I don 't have a picture of me and my father except for one. I have no idea what the five of us looked together, none. I have no memory of anything before. I don 't. All because he was a Jew.” (citation) Jeannine Burk was a Jew, she was also a hidden child all because Hitler couldn 't stand her or anyone else that shared her Jewish religion. All because of him Jeannine could never see her father again. All because of her being a Jew she had to throw her childhood away and become hidden. She had to grow up in a random stranger 's house, she could barely go outside, she had no family by her side she was all alone. And she was only a child. Imagine yourself as a child during the Holocaust. You 're scared unsure what is happening, and there are people marching around trying to take your life. Parents of these children risked their lives to hide them from Nazis with trustable Christian families. Not many people knew who the children were because they had to change their name and religion not to get killed by the Nazis. Only their parents and the people that they were hiding with knowing who they really are. The Nazi Party Platform publicly declared their intentions to segregate the Jews from Aryan and stated that “ Only a national comrade can be a citizen. Only someone of German blood, regardless of faith, can be a citizen. Therefore no Jews can be a citizen.” (Citation) Not only does Hitler have the nerve to say that no Jews could be a citizen regardless of
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