Holocaust : An Examination Of The Holocaust

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Introduction In the summer of 1944 the soviets freed the Jewish from the concentration camps like Belzec, Treblinka and the most infamous killing camp Auschwitz. In an examination of the holocaust I will converse the effects of the holocaust and their worlds response, to its victims and perpetrators. The aftermath of the holocaust shows the mass Genocide people found, as Germany cures itself it showed civilization that we should not let someone manipulate us, and let them change our ideals and beliefs. I will tackle some questions like what assistance the Jews received. I will discuss two survivor’s adjustment to freedom, why it took so long to take action to free prisoners, and the consequences and famous trials. A similar problem today is alive and thriving and it is racism, and it usually comes from hatred to one race or religion, but it can be stopped by creating a loving community, where everyone has respect. I will guide you through the Aftermath of the Holocaust, the end of suffering for 11 million people. Where did the survivors go? The first instinct of the survivors was to go back home, while some could, they found out it won 't be the same for most of the Jewish population it was hard and impossible at times to reclaim their home, Poland was especially uninviting ,because more than one thousand Jews were killed by anti-Semitic thugs. Many Jews found Palestine and the U.S. a better homes.(Downing,10). Was their assistance in the form of finances, or emotional
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