Holocaust Analysis

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There are many extra disturbing bits and pieces about the Holocaust that people may not know. Many loved ones were lost and many minds scared for those few that survived. Laws have been put into action to INHIBIT another POTENTIAL MYRIAD like the Holocaust to happen again. There are many lessons to learn from the Holocaust, but let's take a deeper look into a specific invasion on the Polish. Due to Hitler breaking the Munich promise Britain and France declared war on Germany knowing Poland wouldn't win, so the Allied troops should have warned the Polish people to get out and avoid the death of millions.

Background France and Britain were Allied forces with Poland during WWII. The leaders of the Allied forces met with Hitler and made a pact
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After Hitler had broken the pact, on September 1, 1939, Poland was attacked in three different directions (Schwartz). In just one month Poland surrendered because they were unfit to battle back against the powerful Germans (Schwartz). The Polish army wasn't very strong, so “Hitler quickly took control of Poland by specifically wiping out the Polish leading class -- the Intelligentsia,” (Schwartz). The Intelligentsia were the religious leaders, the teachers, basically all of the leading social class who would come up with rebellions and ways to fight back. To scare and make the Polish feel weak “The Nazis conducted indiscriminate retaliatory measures against populations in areas where resistance was encountered,” (“Polish Victims”). “In May 1940, the German occupation authorities launched AB-Aktion, a plan to eliminate the Polish intelligentsia and leadership class,” (“Polish Victims”). Hitler began to get greedy with land; Shortly after this takeover of western Poland to Germany, Hitler demanded the same for all Polish Territory (“Polish Victims”). To execute the Polish more EXPEDITIOUSLY Nazi policies included high population expulsions (“Polish Victims”). They achieved the mass expulsions by doing mass shootings, burning houses, but the most efficient was gas chambers. He had done this to thousands before, what’s another couple thousand? Hitler’s mindset was to take over the world and as much power as…show more content…
With little preparation, the Polish quickly had their land taken right before their eyes by the Nazis. “As they marched into the towns of Poland, Germans preyed on the Jews they encountered, subjecting them to humiliation and beatings,” (The Outbreak of WWII). Adding not only humiliation, but terror as well, the Germans would shear the beards of the Orthodox and organize public hangings (The Outbreak of WWII). Due to little to no preparation at all the Polish rebellion lasted for about two months, but the Germans ended up overpowering and 200,000 Poles were killed (“Polish Victims”). “Within three weeks the Germans had defeated Poland and divided it into three regions: the western and northern provinces of the former Polish state,” (The Outbreak of WWII). Hitler achieved his goal and became one step closer to world domination. The Nazis were PREDOMINANT compared to the Polish in this situation. The Poles and their land were gone the minute the Nazis stepped on the Polish territory. The Polish army was never going to be big enough to defeat the Nazi’s. They were simply not strong enough nor were they mean
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