Holocaust Effect On Germany

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The Holocaust was a gruesome paradigm of how a prestigious amount of power in the wrong hands can heavily affect those near them. The misuse of power has been shown in various well-known literature works such as the classic 1935 novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and especially in the midst of World War II, when Adolf Hitler commenced the genocide of six million Jews, and engendered aftermaths so chaotic the Holocaust overall will remain as one of the most appalling historical events of all time. However, in the long run, the Holocaust laid the first stone for developing Jewish history to come by denouncing Europe’s views of antisemitism. Initially, The Treaty of Versailles ended the Great War, but more importantly it was largely stacked against the Germans. The Germans had lost…show more content…
One thing which remained the same for almost all Germans was the guilt complex of possibly stopping the horrific atrocities committed by the Reich if enough of them had stood up. Already, “Germany’s economy was in a mess when Hitler was elected Chancellor in January 1933” (Trueman). In other words, Hitler had fed off of Germany’s economy which was already collapsing at the seams. Yet the fact remained that they had all been blinded by the scapegoats they were given to what was really happening. Hitler concealed the truth of his tyranny and informed Germany that “the Jews were the reason for the inner poisoning of Germany and that they had stolen the victory from Germany” (Hall). However, the event was also beneficial as “Germany has largely lost its connection to the generation of perpetrators” and anti semitism was condemned where less than twenty years ago it had been predominant among most of Europe (Beste). The Germans had lost two wars now in which they had been led by a single, dictatorial authority figure. This, ultimately, alienated them from authoritarian governments and began to lead them into democracy's
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