Holocaust Effects

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The Holocaust is a destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or a nuclear war. The Holocaust was terrible when it occurred. The Holocaust occurred during 1941- 1945 after world war 2. The Holocaust is basically killing or torturing people that were innocent. Researchers said that more than six million European, as well as members of other persecuted groups, such as gypsies and homosexual, were murdered at concentration camps such as Auschwitz. The Holocaust had ruined the lives of many people that wanted to live with their families happy. But of somehow there were these group of people in Germany called The Nazis party who the leader of that group was Adolf Hitler and came and ruined the lives of many people. Some…show more content…
The father of Rudi went to england five times, and his mother went to england five times, in order to get visas for his family to entry to england. The father of Rudi had to also get permission from the dental board to work as a dentist in another place. The father was told to do not go to London and Manchester because there were already too many refugees in that place. The family the move to Bradford on november 10, 1937 because they didn't have another option. When they went to live to Bradford they needed to start a new live because everything was different. Rudi’s father had to find a new house and the house that he found was very cold. Rudi's father enrolled him in Bradford grammar school where he made rapid progress in learning English, though he found it hard to make friends. Although it was difficult at first, the family were very glad to get out of Germany and Bradford became home straight…show more content…
For example, one of the things that rudi leavor had pass through was when he had to leave Berlin and go to Bradford. I think that was an event that was important because if he leave Berlin to move to a different place he would have to get used to the other place. Also that’s important because he and his family would have to met new people and also learn a new language. Before they move to Bradford the father of Rudi had to get permission from both the home office and the Dental board to go to Bradford to practise as a dentist. For example, if you go to a new place that you haven’t been before, then you will not know where to go when you get to that place. Rudi leavor said that when his father got to that place he didn’t know nothing about the geography of england. Then the father of Rudi ask too many people where he could work and they answer anywhere but London and Manchester because there were already too many jewish refugee dentist on those
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