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Life during the Holocaust The Holocaust was a horrible event and had many tragedies and losses of family and friends. This event starts in 1933 where Hitler rises to power, and ends in 1945 where Hitler is defeated and the holocaust has ended. There are many topics about the holocaust that people would want to know, but this topic is a crucial and important one. The topic is Life during the Holocaust where we learn about how Jewish people live during the holocaust and what happened to them in the concentration camps. A very shocking moment in people’s life is when they are kids and they live during the holocaust. Children in the holocaust were beaten, tortured and killed in either a concentration camp or death camp. If they did survive…show more content…
Most of the “camps and certain areas within concentration camps were designated specifically for female prisoners” (www.ushmm.org). Men during the holocausts who had businesses and rights were striped of all they had and were forced to hard labor. The men were forced to work until death, starvation was one leading cause of death in labor camps were men worked. Also diseases and disabilities also affected most men and how they live during the holocaust. Jewish men that were brought back form the infirmary were shown in pictures and a skeleton and looked as if the man had not eaten in a year and S.S soldiers considered them as fit to work. German citizens that helped Jews were also taken as prisoners and sent to camps until death. Anyone who survived through that living nightmare is a brave and strong person with having to see your family perish before your eyes and never seeing them again is a very tough thing to when you stay strong and never giving up until freedom. Most Jewish people that survived either had runaway and kept their identity secret for the German not to find out or survived by betraying their families to help the Germans. The Holocaust was a horrifying event that none would feel comfortable to talk about but by this topic we learn what happened to the life of Jewish men, women, and children and what their life was during the holocaust. Work Cited Page “Children and the Holocaust”.

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