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Introduction What, when, where, and why was the Holocaust? The Holocaust was first called a religious rite in which an offer that gave to some one was burned in a fire. The current definition of holocaust is any widespread human massacre. When it is written Holocaust, it means when
Nazi Germany completely destroyed the Jewish. The Holocaust was during the period of
January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945. Hitler became Germany’s chancellor when it first started and the war ended on the last day of the Holocaust, or known as V-E Day. During that time frame,
Jews in Europe were killed in the worst way possibly and led to the death of 6,000,000 Jews and
5,000 communities destroyed. 1.5 million of those Jews killed
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he fire caused the dismiss of the German democracy. The next day, under the pretense of controlling the Communists, the government established individual rights and protections.
Freedom of speech, assembly, and expression were the rights and protections that were demolished. The Nazis won the majority in the government with nearly forty four percent of the votes on March fifth. Moving swiftly the Nazis brought together their power into a dictatorship. The Enabling
Act was passed on March twenty third. Hitler’s dictatorial efforts were approved and was now legally able to pursue them. Complex police and military force were also developed. With the police now set in place, the nazis opponents were beaten, terrorized, or sent to one of the concentration camps that the Germans had built. The first camp built for the prisoners was Dachau, just outside of Munich. Over time Dachau’s purpose was changed and became another brutal camp for the Jews. Hitler was in full control of Germany and his campaign against the Jews was in full force by the end of 1934. According to the Nazis, the Jews destroyed the German culture with their
“foreign” and “mongrel” influence. They saw the Jews as evil and cowardly and the Germans as hardworking, honest, and courageous. The Jews claimed the Nazis, which were heavily represented in finance, commerce, the press literature,

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