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Six million. This is a large number by anyone's account, whether it be dollars, days, or human lives.
How could one measure the significance of six million lives, it would be impossible to. "The intentional annihilation of six million people has affected the world in ways that we will never know, maybe the person who could have discovered the cure for Cancer or AIDS died in the gas chambers at
Auschwitz." (Remembrance, 1) Six million people is fully one fifth of one per-cent of the world's population.
This may not sound like a huge number, but it is. Six million lives, gone. Whole families, wiped out. All this in the span of only five short years. These five years are now known as the holocaust. These five years were possibly
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It was named Birkenau (McVay 2).
Later the camps were grouped together and collectively called Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The majority of killings in the concentration camps, especially in Auschwitz, were done in gas chambers.
German SS officer Böck describes a gassing at
Auschwitz. "There was a sign 'to disinfection'. He said 'you see, they are bringing children now'. They opened the door, threw the children in and closed the door. There was a terrible cry. A member of the SS climbed on the roof. The people went on crying for about ten minutes. Then the prisoners opened the doors. Everything was in disorder and contorted.
Heat was given off. the bodies were loaded on a rough wagon and taken to a ditch. The next batch were already undressing in the huts. After that I didn't look at my wife for four weeks." (McVay, 2-3)

The first gas chamber was built at Auschwitz I, it was small as it was only an experiment, but it proved much more effective than the Nazi's could have ever dreamed. On September 3, 1941, six hundred soviet
POWs and about 250 other prisoners were filed into a gas chamber where they were exposed to a rat poisoning called Zyclon B. After this experiment, four newer and much larger gas chambers were built at
Auschwitz-Birkenau. These were similar to the original, only much larger, and they included large crematoria on them.


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