Holocaust Museum Reflection

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The United States Holocaust Museum was a unique and touching experience that can greatly influence your views on World War II and the Holocaust. Upon first entering the building, my family and I stopped by the front desk for some information on the building. The white-haired man at the desk was happy to help us. He explained that there were multiple exhibits to view at the museum. The largest exhibit was their permanent exhibit, which occupied three floors. “How old is he?” the man inquired, referring to my freckle-faced brother standing beside me. “Eleven,” my father responded. “He is old enough for the permanent exhibit,” was the reply. When we arrived at the entrance to the exhibit, each of us received an identification card. The cards each told the story a Holocaust prisoner. My family stepped into the elevator with a few other people and up we went to the exhibit. As soon as we exited the elevator, everyone was flooded with hundreds of words printed on the walls that spoke about the Holocaust and its survivors. As we went through the top floor of the exhibit, we learned that this particular floor contained information from 1933-1939, when the Nazi’s had first come into power. It explained the Nuremberg Race Laws, Kristallnacht, and the invasion of Poland. I was most struck by the Nuremberg Race Laws. The museum owned only a couple artifacts relating to the laws. There was a hair sample which would have been used to verify that the German people’s hair was the correct

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