Holocaust Museum Reflection Paper

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There was a time where i had a realization about the world i live in. We took a trip to Washington D.C where we went to museums and learned a lot about history but one museum stuck out to me. It was the Holocaust museum. I saw how Jewish people were treated back then simply because of their religion. Their valuables were taken by the Germans, their homes were either raided or taken away from them. They were forced to live in very small ghettos with 400,000 of them. They were killed and beaten on the streets and nazis treated them as puppets. They embarrassed them by making them dance for their own amusement. They were treated extremely poorly whereas the nazis were treated with respect. It made me think about a time where people discriminated against african americans during segregation. Throughout this time, African Americans were treated as second class citizens to white people. They could not use the same water fountains, restrooms, or restaurants and they were stuck with the dirty and gross ones whereas white people were treated respectfully. If a white person was standing and an african american person was sitting they had to get up for the white person. Another time was when Women were treated as second class citizens to men. They could not vote for who they felt should be elected president. Their thoughts did not matter in the eyes of men and only men could make the right decision. This angered many women so they began protesting until they got what they wanted and it took a very long long time for men to finally except them as an equal citizen. Their jobs barely paid any money at all but men could choose any job they wanted or were interested in and were paid way more than any women doing the same amount of work. Women’s clothing could not show a lot of skin at all and they could not do the things they wanted to do because it was “a man’s job”. It was a very hard time for women back then and all of this happened because of something as simple as gender. Nowadays everyone is treated equally and no matter what your race, gender, or religion is you are treated with respect by everyone. People of a certain religion are not killed on the streets by others that believe they are better than them
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