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ocausRonald Payne April 1, 2012 English B Ms. Gordon English Holocaust Paper The Holocaust was one of the largest genocides in the history of the world. An estimated amount of over 11 million people were killed over that Dark Age in human history. All caused by the horrid visions of one man Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust to me is proof that widespread chaos can be caused by ill set speeches. Adolf was said to be one of the best speakers of his age. He convinced hundreds of thousands of German people that his cause was noble and just. This in the end, resulted in grave and despicable darkness for the people of the Jewish religion. If I were in a concentration camp I think it would be a great test of my faith.…show more content…
Though not all was lost during the Holocaust about three million Jews & Non-Jews were liberated over that time. So I am glad that at least one third of the people captured were liberated from that grave ordeal . To me It really makes me wonder how much better would it have been like without the holocaust happening. Would Germany still be the same it was today ? Would it really be significantly stronger? Or would it just be hidden and restrained? Payne 4 Dear Jezebel, I know things have been hard as I sit, across from the concentration camps . Everyday I see people come in for days without leaving. It truly does scare me sister. I hope that you are far away as possible from this catastrophe . It is a blistering sight to behold, all of my fellow friends being shot in front of me day by day. I don’t think ill have enough will power to keep fighting for my right as a Jew. I am fearful of the gas chambers , they have been rumored to be long and painful. I don’t want this to last for us sister. This is unjust and inhumane. I have been transferred in a freight car packed to the walls with people just like me . The ride to the camps is perilous and horrid , on the trip we are not allowed to leave ever. The stench on the train is horrible as well, for we are not kept in leisure where we may go “ when nature calls”. I am still writing to you before I reach the camp sister , by the time you

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