Holocaust Reflection

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When someone sees a person that they know and love die in front of your eyes this will usually change the way they see the World. This was most evident during the Holocaust during world war two. The individuals that did not have to endure this painful event often wonder how the Jewish people could stay so strong knowing that their people are being killed. Individuals will usually come to the conclusion that the victims who survived the holocaust, most have lost their faith in humanity, in each other, and also in God. Others will come to the conclusion that they did not loses at all but the survivors of the Holocaust gained strength though faith. Many Jewish victims of the Holocaust that believed in God did not truly lose their faith in the end. They either gained faith that they did not know they had or their faith that they had grown stronger.
Elie offend talks about how the victims in the concentration camps would just give up whenever they learned that someone they loved has died. It is true of this people who have had loved ones that died will often go in a state of I do not want to live anymore or I don't know if I can go on. This is hard for anyone, let alone someone in a concentration camp who knows that they could die at any moment in time. Elie talks about how a father in the camp with them, and how he does not want to give up. The father said "The only thing that keeps me alive, is to know that Reizal and the little ones are still alive"(Wiesel 43). It must be really hard for someone to want to counite after being beaten up and living in such a terrible place. People will offend counite to go on if they have faith that they will be able to see their loved ones again someday. The father must have had some faith to believe that he will see his daughters again.
One problem people will offend come across is the idea that God is still relevant or even still real but if someone see a traumatic event you can start believing that their God or faith has died. God is really important when it comes to faith. People are offended confused and worried about these new ideas. People can be crushed because their whole ideals and beliefs, have been crushed. This can scare people so much, it can also make someone so

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