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The Holocaust was one of the twentieth century's greatest tragedies that were made possible by anti-Semitism, the indifference of other nations, isolationism politics, and outright fear. Mrs. Arana/ Period 3 Miranda Ruiz 5/16/11 The road to the creation of the Holocaust started with one man. Adolf Hitler. Although thousands of people agreed with anti-Semitism at the time he was the one who started to take his thoughts into actions. After World War 1, German was in great poverty, unemployment and starvation. And the one group of people to blame were the Jewish people. Christians have been angry at the Jewish people ever since they killed Christ, and Adolf Hitler thought of this idea to eliminate the Jewish people once and for all.…show more content…
And they burned holy books as well as forcing the Jewish people to sit through long sermons promising hell to anyone who died Jewish. But, the difference between the anti-Jewish behavior of the Church and the anti-Semitic behavior of the Nazi’s was that the Church wished to destroy Judaism by converting the Jewish people, Hitler wanted to destroy the Jews themselves (45-47). This was the first recorded anti-Jewish behavior. After the murder of Christ, all Christians and Catholics hated the Jewish people. But they had reason and every generation the Churches have decided of way after way of punishing the Jewish people. But Germany has had a long history of anti-Semitism. Consistent with Rossel, Germany has had a past of anti-Semitism, starting in 1542 when the great German Protestant leader Martin Luther wrote a booklet called Against the Jews and Their Lies. Even earlier the Catholic Churches had taught that the Jewish people killed Crist and should therefore be hated (10). Early teachings of anti-Semitism lead to a hating of the Jewish community, but with the German’s calling themselves the “Aryan Race” and the Jewish people calling themselves the “chosen one’s” there was bound to be competition on who was superior. According to Rossel, the Treaty of Versailles demolished the spirit of Germany, this is because of all countries in Europe, and Germany’s had its pride in stability in their military strength. But the new government was weak and

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