Holocaust : The Holocaust War

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Holocaust War Criminals
From 1933-1945, it was a period of time when the Jews were targeted as an enemy. This period of time is called the “Holocaust.” This is when the Germans killed over 6 million Jews and it was a genocide. They also killed any Jew that they could recognize. The Germans during this time were called Nazis. Nazis were the people that controlled the concentration camps and liberated people. Concentration camps were the places where the Nazis took the Jews to be killed. In the concentration camps there were gas chambers. They were the places where they took the children and their moms for a “shower”. They thought it was a shower, but it was actually a place where they would end their lives. When all the jews went in the Nazis threw a chemical that burnt everything. The people who did that were the Holocaust war criminals. They were the Nazis that killed 1,000s of jews and didn’t care. The most dangerous war criminals were Alois Brunner,Beate Kunzel Klarsfeld, John Demjanjuk, Hans Lipschis, Hans Frank, Alfred Rosenberg, and Gerhard Sommer.
Alois Brunner was born on April 8, 1912, in Syria. (http://libguides.usc) He started serving for the Nazis in 1932 through 1945. (http://libguides.usc) In 1945 he sent thousands of Jews to their almost certain death. (http://libguides.usc) In Absentia of 2001 he was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in France. (http://libguides.usc) Syria has repeatedly denied harbouring him. (http://libguides.usc) It is wisely…

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