Holocaust : The Holocaust Was Very Sad

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Riley Morey Ballor 1st hour 3/4/16 Holocaust My topic will be the Holocaust, The holocaust was very sad. At the same time it was interesting to find the information for it. Nazis had taken children to the gas chambers and gassed the children, and the adults various times. People had absolutely no food, I had read information that the Officers had given them stale bread and a small bowl of soup once a day. The jewish children and adults had suffered badly. In the holocaust the jews had to work everyday with no water or food, from day to night. The holocaust in my opinion was a terrible place to experience. I would never wish for anyone to ever get sent there, but again it was not my decision. The Nazis would terrify them continuously, the jews who had survived had that terrifying memory of what it was like to be in the holocaust. I know for a fact it was not a good memory either. The holocaust is an awesome topic to research, but on the same page it is very sad. There was an interest the had caught my eye when they started talking about the children that were terrorized and how they were. Another part of the articles that I read, that had caught my eyes was when the Nazis would throw children (babies) into the air and shoot them, using them as target practice. I couldn’t believe my ears when I had heard about that because of how gruesome that would be. I think the reader reading my paper will take very much interest in what I
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