Holocaust : The Role Of Wealth And Nationality

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Marnix Croes ' groundbreaking study entitled, "Holocaust Survival Differentials in the Netherlands, 1942-1945: The Role of Wealth and Nationality" thoroughly entails the brutal persecution of roughly 140,000 Jews in the Netherlands during the Germans ' attempt to kill a majority of the Jewish population throughout Europe. Marnix Croes is a researcher at the Ministry of Justice in the Netherlands. He frequently writes about the genocide that took place back in the early 1940s.
This article discusses how wealth and nationality played a key role in withstanding the persecution from Germans for an extended period during the Holocaust era as opposed to a traditional Jew. The two elements were essential for the Nazi in deciding when and where the Jews would be sent to meet their excruciating death. However, those of the highest socioeconomic status were ironically sent to camp Wester Bork transit camp after the Jews of the lowest socioeconomic status. This analysis goes against the usual assumption that having a higher social status would provide a chance to survive at a better rate. Evasion through hiding was also a route Jews could embark on in that would allow a better chance of survival. However, this article presents statistical evidence that shows a survival rate similar for those who chose to the hideout and for those who did not. The deportation of the Jews to Westerbork was often evaded through the obtainment of an exemption. These exemptions meant nothing because they…
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