Holocaust : The World War I

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Holocaust Denial During World War I Adolf Hitler served his country which the defeat of his country lead him to blame the Jews. Hitler after the war joined the National Socialists German Workers’ Party, which was known to the English as Nazis. In 1923 he wrote his memoir “Mein Kampf” which translates to my struggles, in which Hitler expressed his obsession for the idea of a perfect Aryan race. January 20, 1933 was when Hitler was named the chancellor of Germany. The first concentration camp that Adolf opened was Dachau in March of 1933 which was under control of Heinrich Himmler. In November of 1938 is a night remembered as Kristallnacht because the Jewish synagogues were burned, shop windows were smashed and close to 100 Jews were arrested or killed. Jewish people began to flee while those who didn’t suffered from the fear of what happened. In 1939 the German Police had forced over tens of thousands of Jews into ghettos that were surrounded by high walls with barbed wire on the top. Later that year, over 70,000 Jews who were deemed unfit were gassed to death in what the Nazis called a Euthanasia Program. In 1941 was when the Nazi officers began making the Jews wear a yellow star to help identify them. The idea of using Zyklon-B came from testing done on over 500 Soviet prisoners of war. In the late 1941 was when Germany began mass shipment of Jews to the concentration camps. The elderly and those who were weak and young were the first taken to the camps. Auschwitz-Birkenau
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