Holy Family Mission Statement

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Throughout my whole life, my main goal has been to help others. I help my friends, family and anyone in need. Wanting to help everyone has made a huge impact on my career choice. I would enjoy being a teacher because I love to help and that is a teacher's main job. So many people in our society today are in need and I do my best to help anyone I can. Holy Family University’s mission statement talks about Holy Family’s goal for their students: “Holy Family University educates students to assume lifelong responsibilities towards God, society, and self.” One of Holy Family’s Core Values is Service and Responsibility and that is very important to me. In High School, I volunteered my time to serve the less fortunate.
Just like Holy Family University’s Core Value Service and Responsibility, Archbishop Ryan also follows “educational experiences at the university apply theory to practice and course content to serving human needs.” In High School, I was apart of the CSC (Community Service Core). In the CSC club, we did so many service projects but the biggest one was during the holidays. Around Thanksgiving, students would bring in can goods and money for families who didn’t have the money to give a thanksgiving meal for
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As a teacher, I will use Holy Family’s Core Value of Service and Responsibility in my classroom. It is my job to teach my students school related materials, but most importantly to be responsible and serve others. We have a ton of selfish people in our world today who only care about themselves. More people need to be selfless and learn how to help others. My students will move to the next grade knowing how to help others and be professional. Holy Family University taught me to be professional so I will pass on my knowledge to my
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