Holy Sexism In Wonder Women's Comics

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Holy Sexism Batman! Caped crusaders and masked vigilantes rule the comic scene. What sets superheroes apart from the rest of their worlds are their costumes. Costumes define the superhero, disguising and distinguishing them from the crowd. Superhero attire has been a staple for characters ever since the beginning of superhero comics. The purpose of comics has changed over time mostly to reflect what is going on outside of the books politically, socially and artistically. Just as times have changed, costumes have changed too and not always for the better. In comics, there is a trend of female characters changing drastically and often shortening while their male counterparts only get a new paint job, these trends are painfully obvious when comparing Wonder Woman’s costumes and Captain America’s. Sexism in comics is nothing new and costumes could be at the center of it. Before delving into the actual comics it’s important to know the about the phases of comics. Over the year’s comics have gone through phases often referred to as the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern ages. The Golden Age lasted from 1938-1950, this was the beginning of…show more content…
The medium focused on the male readers so much that they forgot what that could do to the female readers. Female readership has been on the rise lately specifically since 2012 ("Demographics of Comics…”). In fact, neither sex really dominates in any age group. Those statistics are now though originally anyone and everyone could pick up a comic. Comics were a staple in wartime America, radio was the main source of entertainment then, which gave comics a large market. However as previously mentioned the focus on men and young adults lead to impractical and exclusive costuming. The male characters began as regular guys who, as the years went on, gained muscle mass. The females gained busts and lost
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