Holy Spirit Analysis

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I attended an Assembly of God church service. I have gone to many Christian church services before, as I grew up Methodist and have also attended Baptist services, but the service I attended was slightly different because it was Pentecostal. They are also Evangelical. I learned that they believe in biblical infallibility, meaning they believe that anything that the Bible says regarding Christianity and faith is true and there cannot be any errors in the text. One characteristic of Evangelicalism is crucicentrism, which is the attention that they give to the atonement of Christ that offers forgiveness of all sins and freedom from guilt. They also consider activism very important, meaning they share the gospel with others in a variety of ways.…show more content…
1 Corinthians is one of my favorite books because it has several of my favorite verses, so I was happy to find that the message was based on it. The pastor divided the gifts into three broad categories: the gifts of revelation, gifts of power, and gifts of utterance. The gifts of revelation are message of wisdom, word of knowledge, and distinguishing between spirits. The message of wisdom and word of knowledge are closely related, but have some distinctions. Distinguishing between spirits refers to being able to differentiate the Holy Spirit and evil spirits. The gifts of power are faith, healing, and miracles. By putting your faith in God, anything is possible. You can have the power to heal as long as you trust that God will perform a miracle. The gift of miracles encompasses the gift of healing and deliverance from demons. The gifts of utterance are speaking in tongues, the interpretation of tongues, and the gift of prophecy. Speaking in tongues is being able to speak a language you do not know through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a way to speak to God and a form of prayer. Every baptized believer has the ability to speak in tongues privately, but only a few can speak publicly. Interpreting tongues is important to be able to understand others when speaking in tongues publicly. The gift of prophecy makes it possible for the Spirit to speak to you and give you the…show more content…
There were some similarities to other services I have been to, but also quite a few differences. In class we mainly learned about the big Christian denominations: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. However, there are tons of branches of Christianity such as Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. Going through each branch could really be a course in itself, considering how many there are. Because we did not have the time to learn about all of the differences of each branch, it was fascinating to attend a service in which I could learn more about one particular branch of Christianity.
I learned a lot about what Pentecostals value most just by listening to the service. It was obvious that they consider baptisms to be extremely important in your commitment to God. Prayer and music are major forms of worship in Pentecostal services. They also serve others both in- and outside of the church, and work to spread the word of God in the community. Throughout the service, they made multiple references to the Holy Trinity, “one being of three
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