Holy Spirit and Grandmother

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| Enoch and the Gorilla | | Enoch | Enoch is a very “dark” man. His attire always consist of dark colors. .He wears dark glasses, dark furry arm, black truck and he had a black heart. He even wears his dark glasses in the rain. This is to hide his unhappy disposition. Enoch is a biblical character who was taken by God but never died. The only quoted words from Enoch the biblical character are “God shall be coming with his saints to judge and convict them.” This could intertwine with Enoch and the Gorilla because Enoch thinks that people judge him and do not like him so they are convicting him to a bad and lonely life. | 108 | Name | Flannery gives the character Enoch the only name in this short story. This is because she wants to …show more content…
When this happens the Grandmother not once pleads for the life of her Son, daughter in law, or two grandchildren but only her own life. Throughout the story the grandmother does not even have respect for her own family, comparing Bailey’s wife head to a cabbage, and always being disrespectful to her own grandchildren. The saddest part about it all is when the Misfit takes the Grandmother into the woods and the grandmother believes ‘that she is to good and to well-dressed and the fact that she is a true women that the Misfit will not kill her. And then before the Misfit pulls the trigger on the grandmother she stats that the Misfit is her child, this is the moment in the story when the grandmother is admitting she is not morally superior to others and this is the turning point in the story, but to late to sorry. The grandmother is shot dead. | 116-122 | Georgia | Georgia is the family’s home town, and grandmother gets angry when Wesley, Bailey’s son makes a bad remark about. This correlates to grandmother thinking she is morally superior and whatever she thinks goes. | 116 | Bailey | The son of the grandmother. Her only boy and she lived with him. When you think of bailey you don’t necessarily think of a strong male dominant because he lets his mother push him around. When grandmother compares Bailey’s wife head to a cabbage, bailey does not stick up for her. | 117 | Journal | The Journal is a newspaper in Atlanta. The full name is the Atlanta

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