Homage to Albrecht Durer Essay

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Albrecht Durer is known as one of the most gifted painters and engravers of the German Renaissance period. His works are known throughout the world and have inspired artists to not only study and learn his techniques but also to broaden his techniques, expanding his already famous style. Albrecht Durer was born on May 21, 1471 in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. His parents were Albrecht Durer and Barbara Holper. “His father was a successful goldsmith, originally named Ajtósi, who in 1455 had moved to Nuremberg from Ajtós, Hungary”(Strieder). His Father married Barbara Holper who was actually the daughter of his goldsmith master. Durer was one of fourteen to eighteen brothers and sisters, many of which died young. At the age of…show more content…
Wolgemut advised Durer to travel to broaden his outlook on life and the world, also Wolgemut thought it wise to meet other artists, pick their brain and always continue to learn. Following Wolgemut's advice, “Durer postponed visiting Italy (which Wolgemut himself never visited), where there were unfamiliar artistic styles during that time, until he had fully established his own style and could learn more techniques from other German artists”(Strieder). While studying with Michael Wolgemut, Durer was introduced to the art of woodcutting and stain glass. During his first trip to Italy Durer studied the form and techniques of Schongauer’s engravings. “Martin Schongauer, was known as the most talented engraver and painter of the early German school”(Hapgood). Schongauer's life was the creation of a large number of beautiful engravings, which were largely sold, not only in Germany, but also in Italy and even in England. Durer admired and respected Schongauers style of engraving and was able to learn a great deal from his studies. He made his first trip to Italy. Upon his return to Nuremberg, where he remained for ten years, he devoted himself largely to the making of woodcuts and engravings, “becoming the first Nuremberg to take up the art of engraving” Strieder). Durer compiled all that he had learned from a mix of many known and unknown artist to help
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