Home Analysis : Home Sweet Home

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Fanhor Sanchez Patino
Ryan Cerone
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Home Sweet Home

For many home could be defined as the physical spaces we inhabit. However, for others home is defined in a deeper level that relates to the relationships we have or want to have with people. Home could be categorized in micro and macro levels. The micro level could reflect on the immediate situation in where we find ourselves such as the terrestrial space where we dwell in, the people we live with, etc. On the other hand, in the macro level home may perhaps refer to a broader idea of self that characterize us, such as the country we come from, the culture we were brought up in, etc. While the meaning of the word home is relative and based on personal opinions, architecture is a tool that could help us create an identity of what we consider home to be since it reflects physical, historical, and social conditions of the physical reality we live in. I live in the 7th floor of an apartment building with my family. Although this type of housing is quite common in this area, our home has some peculiar features that I have discovered recently. Because of its placement and small architectural cues this residence acts like a physical bookmark of a period in New York’s history that I have only recently been able to register and appreciate thanks to my newfound architectural knowledge.
New York is known for its skyscrapers; however, there is architectural diversity that does not only reflect major building projects, but

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