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Home and Family Home is where your heart is. It can be a one-room shack, apartment, house, or even a camp trailer. At one point everyone in their life have dreamed of having a place they can call home. Home sweet home. Being raised in a military home from 1961 to 1970 we lived in at least 10 different houses that we called at home, because we lived there as a family, when my dad died in 1975 our home was no longer a home but a house that we just cohabitated in. With the absence of our father the majority of the children became juvenile delinquents. Home is where a person can live, play, learn, cry and take refuge. It’s more than a place over your head, it is where memories are made, and hope was hopefully happy ones. It’s a place where a…show more content…
They will feel welcomed and comfortable. The family will sooth each other’s hurts, quiet the worries, and share their dreams. When a family shares each other’s dreams, as they sit around the dining table, they will discuss on how they can make this dreams come to pass and if it should not come to pass the family will share in the disappointment together. Some people think that it’s the furniture and other stuff that makes a house a home, but the truth of the matter is, it’s the people that live in the house that makes it a home. The kids playing in the backyard, going about their daily business and the buzz of life, the noises that are being made by doing chores, the TV blaring, and even occasional argument that makes a house a home. It’s also the peace and quiet once all are settled down in the evening, the smell of a home-cooked meal cooking on the stove, stains in the carpet, the marks on the wall, the dirty dishes left in the sink, and the dirty clothes piled on the floor. That’s what makes a house a home. And if you were to ask my husband what make a family he would tell you and I quote “A family is a family when they pray and play together will also stay together as a family.” (Kenny) “A house and a home are not same. A house is a part of the material structure of society, whereas a home is made up by its residents. A house is a physical frame for its residents while at the same time the resident marks the
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