Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

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Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth Delivering a baby in the home and in the hospital both provide comfort to some, but homebirth offers decreased cost and hospital births offer more options. Some women have different birthing methods in mind when it comes to delivering a child. Some women feel that it is more convenient to stay home to deliver their child. Mothers-to-be will choose to have a hospital birth because they may feel safer or more secure knowing that if something is not right or if she has had complications, the doctor is there and she is in a hospital and everything will be okay. Are you a mother-to-be? Are you having trouble trying to figure out whether to have a homebirth or a hospital birth? I sure hope that this paper will…show more content…
Also in the year 2008, despite declining to 4.2 million total births from a high of 4.7 million births in 2007, most of these (67%) were delivered vaginally, and the majority of vaginal deliveries (84%) occurred without complications or serious procedures in hospital births. There can also be a huge financial difference between home birthing and hospital birthing. A homebirth, using midwives can cost approximately $2,000 to $3,000. For some midwives, the fee covers all of the pre-birth consultations as well, which can present significant savings. With a homebirth, you generally give birth naturally, so you would not be paying for medicines, nurses, or doctors. If you do not have insurance, a hospital birth- without complications and vaginal- would cost approximately $7,600. That being said, with insurance, most women pay about $1,500 to $2,300 out of pocket. This also depends solely on your actual insurance coverage. With a hospital birth, keep in mind, that you must not only pay for your hospital stay, but also for your practitioner for services the day of the birth as well as everything else leading up to the birth, and everything that the hospital provides for the new arrival. There could also be complications between homebirths and hospital births. There can also be advantages as well. A mother that chooses to carry out a homebirth has limited pain relief while
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