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“Home Burial”

1. Is the husband insensitive and indifferent to his wife’s grief? Has Frost invited us to sympathize with one character more than with the other?
Indeed, the husband behaves in a very indifferent and insensitive way towards his wife in dealing with their child’s loss. I believe that Frost has invited us to sympathize with both husband and wife but at different levels of understanding because both have different ways to deal with grief. In other words, what society expects as far as the ways in which woman are expected to react when it comes to losing a child, is totally different to the way man are expected to. For example, women tend to be more sensitive and emotional while men are seen as emotionally stronger and
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Furthermore, is almost as if with the splitting of the iambic pentameter and the syllables used the wife manifests the sadness, bitterness, and resentment that she has allowed herself to grow inside of her. Frost breaks the sentences to make more vivid the broken marriage, as well as the broken dialogue in which the couple engages in. In this manner Frost achieves his purpose of transferring the reader into the world of these broken and hurting couple. 4. Is the conflict resolved at the conclusion of the poem? Do you think the husband and wife will overcome and wife will overcome their difference?
This drama clearly lacks closure. It does not seem to have resolved at the conclusion of the poem. In other words, the poem ends with lines “Where do you mean to go? First tell me that. I’ll follow and bring you back by force. I will!-“(lines 119, 120). The word “by force” gives the reader a sense that conflict and denial is still present between the couple. Much so that if the husband had to utter those words to his distress wife, then clearly he feels as if he is the reason she is leaving the household and nothing else. On the contrary, the wife seems to be dealing with a much more in depth issue, one which the husband may never fully comprehend, the grave of her child.
I do not believe that the couple will ever overcome their differences while living in that house where the child’s grave can be seen from their window. The constant reminder and fear which the scene
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