Home Care Assessment : Discussion, Assessment Urgency Scale And Rehab Scale

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performance - Locomotion - admission ,ADL performance - Hygiene - admission,
ADL performance - Dressing lower body - admission,ADL performance - Bathing - admission, Assessment Urgency Scale and Rehab Scale, were ranked first in terms of variable importance.
For patients who completed a home care assessment and those who completed both a contact and a home care assessment assessment respectively (HC and HCCA), the variables marked as most important for constructing a frailty index from principle components analysis are ADL performance - Bathing - admission, ADL self performance - Transfer toilet, Scale - ADL Hierarchy, ADL self performance - Toilet use, Scale Communication and Scale CPS, among others(Figure 4.9). Although the
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In addition to the listed ten variables selected by Cox-PH model, the accelerated failure time (AFT) model; which also accounts for censoring, highlights four other variables; Time since last hospital stay, iADL capacity - Stairs - CA, Dyspnea and
Treatments and programmes - Oxygen therapy. The variable Urgency- Physiotherapy is also replaced by the variable Rehabilitation in this model.
Results from the Cox-PH model and the AFT could be deemed somewhat reliable as one set seems to be a subset of the other.
6.3.1 Interactions
When interactions are incorporated into the model through the use of regression and classification trees, the five variables recognised are: Time since last hospital stay, Location of intake, ADL performance - Dressing lower body - admission, Client
Group and Rehab Scale. Despite two of the listed five variables being common to the
AFT model, the other three are a completely new set of questions. Strong three-way interactions are noted in the variables Location of intake, Time since last hospital stay and ADL performance - Dressing lower body - admission. Patients without, or those with low levels of these symptoms are predicted to have the best health outcomes while patients with the highest levels of ADL performance - Dressing lower body
- admission, Rehab Scale
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