Home Care Observation

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For this report, I visited the Banner Home Care facility located at 275 East Germann Road, Suite 110, Gilbert, AZ 85297. Each home visit is conducted within the individual patient’s home. To maintain patient confidentiality, I was unable to visit any patient’s homes so am only able to describe the actual home care site. Nonetheless, I did visit the main hub that houses the administrative structure for the facility. This site has a typical business office layout with cubbies separating each employee. It is a quiet, professional facility with a very friendly, open staff. While at the facility, I interviewed the Home Care Director, Stephen M. Sadecki. Mr. Sadecki described the characteristic services offered, the administrative structure of their…show more content…
There are four areas that offer home health care services but operate independently of each other: Banner Home Care, Hospice Care, Pharmacy, and Medical Equipment. Three departments within the company that cover all four areas are Finance, Human Resources and Planning. Despite their independence, each department follows the same home health administrative structure. All new orders begin in the intake department where patient information is gathered, including patient assessments and physician’s orders. The patient’s file is then sent to the scheduling department to determine the best time for the patient and Banner Home Health. Once the scheduling has been finalized, the file is forwarded to the insurance team where the patient’s insurance is verified and prior authorization is established. From there the clinical team takes over and performs the number and type of visits prescribed by the physician. Once the number of prescribed visits has been completed, the file is transferred to the claim’s department where the insurance company is billed for services rendered. Finally, once the claims forms have been sent to the insurance company, the file is sent to the collections/accounts receivable department where the file is monitored until full payment has been received. (See…show more content…
The medical equipment department and pharmacy have their own separate licensing requirements. In addition, each clinician has licensing requirements that are specific to their specialty. (See PowerPoint) To save America’s health care system, we need to focus on lowering the costs of health care and raising the standards for our health care system. There is no reason we cannot meet our demands for quality health care and advances in technology while employing a system for cost containment. Home health care is one of the most promising areas in health care today and investing in it could bring us a step closer to achieving this
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