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What is a Nursing Home? Nursing Homes are places for people who don't need to be in a hospital but can't be cared for at home, more commonly referred to as skilled nursing and rehab centers. Nursing care is typically provided for people who need long-term care or rehabilitation after surgery or are recovering from a more severe medical condition like a stroke. These communities provide all of the personal care and services of an assisted living with the addition of 24-hour nursing care. Regent Care Center Facts Funded 35 yrs ago A modern facility with 180 beds Joint commission accredited facility A for profit-non-sectarian, and private funded organization Client Population: mostly 65 and over Catchment area: Includes many residents…show more content…
Discharge Planning (Discusses discharge potential plan at time of admission with resident and family physician, nursing staff, and physical therapy staff, documents initial discharge plan, updates in medical record, coordinates discharge planning regarding needed community resources, completes discharge summary form and documentation upon resident’s discharge back to the community to assure continuity of care. 4. Education (Participates in the provision of in-service sessions to staff including sensitivity training, residents rights, legal decision making, mandated reporting, etc., participates in staff orientation, educates the staff of role, function of social services., Serves as a member of the management team serving in committees, family council, ethics, etc) 5. Documentation (complete Within first 14 days initial evaluation and assessment form on the basis of interviews and review with resident, family, friends, medical records., sub-acute assessment by disciplines specific to the admitting diagnosis is initiated in 24-48 hrs including medical., completes periodic MDS updates, within 7 days of the completion of the initial MDS, but no later than 21 days after admission, records social service problems, goals and approaches in the overall resident care plan. Writes Social services progress notes as necessary and quarterly notes as required by regulatory agencies. Documents initial discharge plan

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