Home Depot Case Study

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Home Depot Builds on Research, Segmentation, Targeting

Case Summary:

Home Depot Inc., is one of the largest retail home improvement industry worldwide. Home Depot offers 2,275 stores worldwide. The company generates nearly $75 Billion in revenue annually. Home Depot was founded by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. These two individuals originated there dream from a coffee shop in LA during 1978. Home Depot distributes varies targeting, segmentation strategies, and market research when selling products to consumers. Home Depot focuses heavily with DIY(Do-it-yourself) consumers. Home Depot implement their activities, distribution, and marketing home improvement ideas simple and proficient for consumers who enjoy DIY projects.
Therefore, the
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By establishing stabilization with online logistics, their able to win over your target audience in rural areas where there is no Home Depot within their proximity. Increasing sales within this aspect for Home Depot can lead to obtaining more market shares than its competitors like EBay and Amazon.

Market Research Methods – Primarily using research is how Home Depot strives when it comes to developing new plans and strategies for their target market. Ironically, Home Depot didn’t have adequate information to support this. As a result, it’s many different paths of collecting data in which could become critical to Home Depot future success. One of Home Depot’s goal is getting more acquainted with its consumers. Higher echelons will occasionally visit various stores seeking customer feedback. Meanwhile, they also love seeking feedback from its employees. Presumably, the suspicion of giving authentic feedback could lead to consequences. Although there are many different methods of acquiring research, the choose of how you obtain those facts are ultimately up to that business.

Personal Case Analysis:

The company’s strategy for marketing has afforded astounding accomplishments for Home Depot’s over the past 40 years. The company screen their consumers through demographics. Using this strategy creates a more accessible segmentation for consumers. Home Depot’s DIY consumers may access tools, products, and resources regarding “how-to” assistance.

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