Home Depot: Case Study

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that he would be back after he returned from Home Depot, however as he stated that was not the case after he was arrested and incarcerated.
He stated that he does not have any set schedule when he leaves his home or leaves to the store to pick up construction equipment.
The insured reported on the day that he left on May 4, 2016; he alleges that his alibi for not returning home was a booking receipt about when he was arrested and incarcerated from May 4, 2016, and being released from jail on May 17, 2016.
He said after his release he returned earlier on the morning of May 18, 2016, and got home. Upon his return home, he said he had found the front door of his apartment was still locked and did not see any other forced entry either from the front window or through the front door.
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The insured stated he was not sure where these items which he found missing from his apartment were located as the items did not have a particular place where they were supposed to be at since he was renovating the apartment and moving things around.
He said upon checking his apartment he cannot say how the suspects entered his apartment as he did not find any opened or unlocked windows or doors. He claimed there was no forced entry into the residence and all the doors and windows were intact and not broken.
Mr. Whieldon claimed on the DOL: May 4, 2016, he found the following items missing from his apartment and specified each item cost. He stated that he was not claiming these things as he did not have his current renter’s insurance policy activated at the time.
1. Personal used tools. Estimated worth $300.00. The insured was unable to give the make, model and brands of devices. He stated the tools were in a toolbox in the front living room
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