Home Depot Eco Options Case Analysis

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The Home Depot: Eco Options Program Case Analysis
Step 1: Environment Scanning
In 2004 The Home Depot’s (THD) Eco Options program began in their Canadian locations and on Earth day of 2007 in the United States. The program was created to create environmentally friendly products to consumers that would support the environment while helping consumers save money on their monthly energy bills. The programs successful audience is a combination of two groups. The first group is involved in supporting the environment while living an ecofriendly lifestyle while the other group is mostly concerned about the money saving aspect of using the products. In contrast, there is a broad audience that THD EO’s program is not successfully reaching which is made up of mainstream consumers who care about the environment but don’t bother to inconvenience themselves with adjusting to using ecofriendly options. Consumers of the programs are middle aged people who are in the market for appliances. They need home improvement needs and appliances.
THD Eco Options program has the following objective:
• Creation of products that reduce energy usage, support sustainable forestry practice, promote cleaner water and less air pollution
• Empower and inspire customers to make a difference
• Position THD as an environmental leader and socially responsible company
Step 2: Statement of the Problem/Opportunity
Many people do not live ecofriendly lives or find protecting the environment to be important.

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