Home Depot: Marketing Strategy

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The Home Depot store on 59th St in Manhattan uses its storefront to attract its customers. In his book Why We Buy, Paco Underhill points out “the front of a store has utmost importance in determining who enters.” When it comes to generating traffic, and attracting people to buy, the front of the store has the most pull. To attract people to its store, the Home Depot location took advantage of its bright orange colors against the surrounding bland cement buildings with bright orange balloons as flags. The bright color pop on the East side, drawing peoples eyes and attention towards their store. This Hope Depot Location is appeal to a more feminine, woman-based market. This is apparent as soon as you walk into the store. One main thing…show more content…
We knew where the Flat Iron location of the Home Depot was before we even looked up the address. My sister lives in that same area, so granted this wasn’t a complete miracle, but still, something about the unique building had stuck out to me long before I even knew I would be investigating it. Surrounded by generic looking shops and apartment buildings, the Home Depot stood out as a pristine white building, bearing ornate columns and huge orange signs, stark against their white backgrounds. After a few seconds, we remembered our mission, and bustled into the store that was surprisingly full for a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. After wandering around for a while, we were left with a mental list of possible reasons why so many people return to Home Depot. What does Home Depot do to encourage its patrons to shop there? After further thought, we came to the conclusion that there are primarily four main reasons. They are as simple, and as difficult as this. First, luring the customer in with a well-crafted and easily accessible layout, then making the customer feel completely at home and at ease in their stores, and finally, supplying excellent customer service. On first entering a Home Depot, there isn’t actually much of anything. A few shopping baskets are placed near the front for convenience, there are
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