Home Depot Needs Assessment

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Needs Assessment
Providing their customers with good customer service is one of the most important thing The Home Depot aim to achieve. In fact “providing excellent customer service” is listed as one of The Home Depot’s core values. For this reason customer service training program would align within the goals that the Home Depot set to accomplished. Customer service representatives, managers, sales people, and anyone in customer focused position will be a part of this training. Customer service performance appraisals will also help determine of which of these employees need to be a part of this training.
The goal is to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and create a uniform policy for all employees to follow when dealing with customers. This training will give the employees a deeper understanding of what
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Delivery Methods
This training program will begin with class room lecture instruction on the basics of quality customer service to make certain that each trainee has a general understanding of customer expectations.
For the next part of this customer service training program we will break up trainees into small groups and use role-play, problem-solving, and behavior modeling activities. Role paying activities will consist of some trainees playing the role of customers who are facing a particular problem. The remaining trainees will have to identify and clarify specific customer concern, make attempt to resolve customer concern. The goal of this exercise is for will learn and demonstrate how to properly resolve the issue. The four basic components of behavioral modeling are: learning points, modeling, practice, feedback and reinforcement. Here is an example of how behavioral modeling will be used.
1. Learning point: Recommended steps for dealing with a challenging
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