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While not at the beach or on vacation, summer can be a great time to get a little work done around the house. Whether you are improving property value or just making your house a home, there is a lot to be done. When it comes to the nicer weather, most common improvements happen to the exterior of the home. You can improve the interior at any time, but the exterior can only be done in the right weather. This is the main reason that as soon as the snow melts, most people start to fix up the outside. Not only does the spring weather make you want to be outside, but it also inspires many of us to start fixing the things that others see. Since exterior appearances are important to many of us and the fact that we value what others think about us, we put a lot into the exterior of our homes.…show more content…
There are many reasons to fix up the exterior of your home. No matter what your reasons are, spring and summer are the times to get the outside of your home in top shape. In a recent trip to the Home Depot (mainly to get ideas on what to write about for this site), I started trying to find out what some of the top summer projects are by asking the employees and contractors in the area. Here is a list of the five most common summer fix ups they see on a regular basis. Decks and Patios One of the top all time summer projects is a new deck or patio. When it gets to be summer time, people think of barbeques and outdoor parties. Whether they are just family get-togethers or block parties with friends, neighbors, or coworkers, these bring about the desire to build a bigger and better deck. This is a fairly simple project that requires more time and effort than
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