Home Depot 's Integrated Marketing Communications Tactics

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Many citizens in the United States work hard every day to achieve their idea of the American dream. For some, the American dream is a great paying job, and for others it means a nice car or home ownership. Roughly 64.0% of Americans are homeowners (U.S. Census, 2015). Numerous homeowners struggle with making monthly payments and funding regular maintenance. Rising costs of replacing or repairing items in a home are driving many to turn to do-it-yourself home improvement projects. One company ready to empower the new do-it-yourself handyman, do-it-for me consumers and professional repairmen is Home Depot. Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the country. Keeping their status as an industry giant, Home Depot’s marketers developed a robust integrated marketing communications plan that fully aligned with the strategic objectives. There is no cookie cutter integrated marketing plan that guarantees improved sales and increased profits. Companies must find ways to separate themselves from their competition. Analyzing Home Depot’s integrated marketing communications tactics, both traditional and digital, will demonstrate how effective use of marketing can propel an organization’s revenue numbers.
Integrated Marketing Communication Tactics
Reaching the target audience is a major factor to achieving company strategic objectives. Marketers are key to the organization’s strategic planning especially as they sit down to align marketing objectives…
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