Home Depot 's Strategic Framework

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Home Depot’s strategic framework focuses on creating value for their customers by connecting the business end-to-end. Under this framework, Home Depot is centered on Customer Experience, Product Authority, and Productivity (Home Depot, 2016). Thus, they have established a targeted customer base and will focus on ensuring customer service continues to evolve to mirror the changing needs and expectations of their customers (Home Depot, 2016). Ultimately, there is a fine balance between delivering an innovative product that is of premium quality at a good value, but this is their goal under product authority. Last, productivity is impacted due to their coordination with their supply chains and the stores (Home Depot, 2016). Corporate level strategies affect the entire organization, which includes financial performance, mergers and acquisitions, functional areas, and allocation of resources (Parnell, 2014). Home Depot’s values are the compilation of all strategies within the organization with an emphasis on their employees. Ultimately, they believe the organization’s culture is central to their success (Home Depot, 2016). Uniquely, they outline several key aspects which are: People are essential to achieving success and when people are treated well, whether employees or customers, then the business will grow. You have to be a part of the community in which you operate; therefore, employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and talents, while the organization
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