Home Economics and Livelihood Education for College

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Home and Family A “healthy” home also involves a sound emotional environment. Effective communication among family members, the willingness to compromise, and strong conflict-resolution skills can help foster an atmosphere of mental well-being for everyone. Stress-management skills, including relaxation exercises, can be learned and practiced by everyone. Those with children at home know that achieving healthy parent-child relationships is crucial for a healthy home environment. Healthy parenting skills can also be learned and practiced to reduce stress in the home for both children and parents. Nutritional choices are another component of a healthy home. Making good nutritional choices (such as eating adequate amounts of fruits,…show more content…
Liking all the family members Now, this does not mean liking every family member constantly. We do not always like every member of our family all the time. But in a healthy family relationships, we like all the different members most of the time. Factors Contributing to a Satisfying Home Life An important part of an adolescent life is learning how to contribute to have satisfying and happy relationship with each members of the family. A person who gets along well with members of his/her family can also get along with people outside his/her home. The attitude of an individual is factor to consider in achieving a satisfying home life. Some of these are well-developed, while others are not. Desirable traits that should be developed and nurtured are love and respect for parents and elders, loyalty, thoughtfulness, industry, kindness and consideration for family members.Practicing these traits help develop a wholesome personality that enables one to relate well with family members and contribute to a satisfying home life. Self-centeredness, lack of concern for others, and the tendency to dominate other children in the family are traits that adolescents must avoid and overcome to keep home life satisfying. Sharing responsibilities at home should be practiced while young so as to prepare yourself in the future for other bigger responsibilities. In this way, activities at home will be divided among members of the family. Adolescents should willingly accept duties and
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