Home First Program in Markham Stouffville Hospital

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According to Statistics Canada Report 2013, “life expectancy in Canada is one of the highest in the world” and it is expected to grow, making the aging population a key driver to our health-systems reform. By 2036, seniors in Canada will comprise of twenty five per cent of the population (CIHI, 2011). Seniors, those aged 65 years and older are the fastest growing population in Canada. Currently there are approximately 4.8 million Canadians aged 65 or greater. It is projected that this number will increase to 9 to 10 million by 2036 (Priest, 2011). As the population get aged the demand for health care and related services are expected to increase. Currently, the hospitals in Ontario are frequent faced with overcrowding emergency…show more content…
A nurse, who embodies the role of a teacher, can provide information which prompts the client to engage in activities that lead to a desired change. “Teaching is most effective when it responds to the learner’s needs” (Potter et al, 2006, p. 318). This project will reduce demand in Emergency Rooms and move ALC patients who are ready to be transferred out to alternate care streams to the right care at the right place and at the right time. Finally, I will discuss the personal growth and development which will help me for improvement in personal nursing practice.
Literature Review
The principle purpose of the literature review is to search, analyze and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of adult learning theory and Lewin’s change theory, its application in clinical practice as evidenced by the case manager’s understanding and successful implementation of the change to Home first referral process. The focus of this project is also to examine the assumptions of Malcolm Knowles Andragogy Theory and review and compare the literature to support the utilization of the theory by the Hospital case manager in hospital settings. After reviewing the said literature, I understood changes are always difficult to adapt for those who are involved in the process. Kurt Lewin father of social psychology introduced the three-step change models, which are “unfreezing”,

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