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Did Your Home Flood? How To Save Your Home And Personal Belongings From Becoming Damaged

If you find your living room soaked with water from a plumbing leak, your first instinct will be to save your personal belongings that got wet. These tips will help you safely savage as many things as possible from water damage

Wear Protection

When you are dealing with water in your home, safety should be a top priority. Wear boots or shoes that have rubber soles on them, as well as rubber gloves. It will help prevent you from getting shocked if you were to touch something that is wet that has an electrical current flowing through it.

If you are able to shut off your home’s electricity at your circuit breaker, do so. It is the best way to ensure that you will be safe when working in the water. If not, contact an electrician that
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You will want to move them to an area that will get a lot of airflow so that they dry off. These items are the most salvageable, so get to them first.

For larger items like beds, chairs, tables, and sofas, you’ll want to get them to a dry area quickly. The longer they are in the water, the higher the chance of mildew and mold developing in them. Prioritize by starting with your softer materials that can soak up water, then wooden furniture, followed by plastic items. Once again, airflow is key to getting them dry, so use a fan if you have one.

Remove The Water

You’ll want to get in touch with a water damage restoration company that can remove the water, asses the damage, and start the restoration process. Until they arrive, you should try to remove as much water as possible. Leaving the water to sit until a professional to clean up can lead to damaged flooring, drywall, baseboards, and trim.

Use a submersible pump in areas with large flooding to get water out and away from your home. A shop vacuum can be used for small flooding, such as wet carpeting and floors.

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