Home Front Rationing

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During the war, people received ration books. The books included the person’s name, address, city and state. People were also given ration coins that allowed cashiers to give change for food purchased with ration stamps. People were given these because items during the war were scarce. The first food item’s prices that were “frozen” on the market by the United States Office of Price Administration (OPA) were sugar and coffee.
The reason things were rationed was due to little production. Was items were the priority of being produced over household items to help win the war. This meant that everything needed to be rationed for everyone to get their equal share. Sugar, meat, tires, silk, gasoline, shoes, nylon, and more were all rationed to American people. Chicken wire, used for fencing in animals was also being rationed. Pretty much anything you could think of had to be rationed, because the most important focus at the time was the war. The title of “Few Nylons” meant that women had rations on stockings. Also their clothes were cut down to save material. Their hem and belt width was cut down to two inches. The cuffs on the sleeves of their clothes were no longer allowed. The availability of nylon stockings was scarce. The restrictions for women’s apparel saved yardage of material for other clothes used in war. The War Production Board (WPB) was in charge of ensuring that armed forces had all their supplies to win the war. Since they were in a state of
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