Home Fundraising Employs Staff All Across The Uk

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Home fundraising employs staff all across the UK using a network of offices; they began in Scotland as a call centre who would purchase phone numbers and dial them on behalf of charity organisations. Home fundraising would get commission for every donor who agreed to sign up for a monthly direct debit. Eventually the office grew and employed door to door recruiters, the idea being that people are more likely to sign up as they are less likely to turn someone down face to face (Pascual ,Guéguen , Pujos and Felonneau, 2013 ). This is also known as the “door in the face technique” (Rodafinos, Vucevic and ideridis, 2005) in 2011, Chan, Cheuk-ying and Terry conducted a field study with thirty school children, who were asked to fill out a math exercise. They found that the children were almost twice as likely to fill it out when they were approached using the “Door in the face technique” as appose to E-Mail (Guéguen and Jacob, 2001). This technique, along with others has been studies widely by social psychologists and has been placed under compliance theory (REFERENCE). According to the research and theory, people are less likely to refuse a request when faced with the individual as they don’t want to appear rude or lazy (REFERENCE). Originally home fundraisings door to door recruiters were paid on a commission basis, but this phased out with the use of call centres. Home Fundraising now has multiple offices, managing around twelve teams of door to door fundraisers, working for
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